Why are the classes held in a heated room?
The hot and humid air in the yoga room warms up one’s body and all of the muscle groups. The flexibility is attained much faster while exercising in a heated environment than just an ordinary room temperature. Additional benefit is a considerably eliminated risk of getting injured. Intense sweating helps to clean the body of toxins and as a result one gets healthier and feels better.

What are the benefits from Bikram Yoga?
Regular Bikram Yoga practice – at least three times a week – ensures amazingly quick results:
- all body muscles strengthened;
- increased physical strength and stamina
- stress reduction;
- substantially decreased post traumatic discomfort and problems caused by chronic diseases;
- weight loss;
- broadened and enhanced individual capabilities;
- attained higher concentration;
- boosted and accumulated inner energy reserves
Regardless of your fitness level Bikram Yoga will be a truly challenging experience! Each posture includes strength, stretching and balance elements. Regular yoga practice will ensure an impressive body transformation – fat layers reduced, attractive and strong muscle tone created. The way Bikram Yoga can change your body is unique and no other sport discipline can deliver such results!

What would be the right clothes for Bikram Yoga?
The clothes should be light, breathable and elastic to feel comfortable while exercising. Well fitted tank tops and shorts or capri leggings would be the right choice for women. Men can wear shorts and go shirtless as T-shirts are not a must. You can buy clothing that is specially designed for hot yoga classes in the shop at our studio.

How to properly prepare for the classes?
Choose the most convenient time for you and call our administrator or register for the class online. Arrive early and bring two towels (one for the class, another for shower), a large bottle of water and a yoga mat with you. Both towels, mats and water can be rented/purhased in our studio.
It is advisable to drink no less than 2-3 liters of water a day, especially if you have started practicing Bikram Yoga just recently.