When you get here

- Arrive well hydrated.
- Please remove your shoes at the entrance lobby.
- Scan your membership card and sign in at the reception.
- Be on time. Reception closes 5 minutes before class starts.
- The only item you should take into the yoga room is your mat, towel and water.
- Set up your mat with a large towel on top and be ready in the yoga room before the teacher enters the room. New students put your mat in the second row.
- No perfume or strong smelling products in the yoga room.
- Before and after class please respect and enjoy the silence of the yoga room.

In class

- Listen to the instructions carefully and do the best you can.
- Always breath in and out through your nose (the only exceptions are the first and last breathing exercises).
- Practice stillness between postures.
- No water is taken until after the third posture (Eagle Pose).
- Do not leave the yoga room during the class unless absolutely necessary.
- It is normal to sometimes feel overwhelmed. Calm your breath and heart rate by being still and breathing in and out through your nose.
- Every posture requires different aspects of strength, flexibility and balance. You will find some postures easier than others, but you will get the full benefit by doing the best you can in each posture.

After class

- Leave the room in silence so as not to disturb other students.
- Rented towels are placed in the basket outside the yoga room.
- Enjoy the peace and energy you have created for yourself!